Amy McClain - January 2023 - Italy. Danielle planned our family trip to Italy and it was amazing! We had four young adults with me and my husband and we all enjoyed every tour, meal, activity and the sights we saw. Her attention to every detail and knowledge of the country made this a trip of a lifetime.

Stephanie Boyd - May 2022 - Italy. The Trip of a Lifetime! That’s how we describe the vacation Danielle planned for us. Planning our vacation to Italy was an exciting and daunting task - and then I was introduced to Danielle. She is an absolute superstar! Danielle helped us with every aspect of our trip from airfare to housing, transportation, tours, restaurants - you name it, and Danielle can help! She found amazing airfare and flights, we never had to wonder how to get somewhere, the tour guides were incredible, the day trips were magical, and the restaurants were second-to-none. We enjoyed and would stay in any of the accommodations again and can’t wait to work with Danielle on our next adventure. Thank you, Danielle. I honestly could not have planned this trip on my own and the entire Boyd family is so grateful for you!

Christina Tice - December 2021 - Turks and Caicos. Danielle was absolutely fabulous to work with! She really hit it out of the park when we asked her to plan a vacation for us that would occur just 6 weeks later. After listening to us about what things we like to do, she created a wonderful vacation to Turks and Caicos that took care of all of our interests. Her mobile app itinerary is so easy and makes it so you don't even need to think twice about what you are doing next or where. She has it all on the app right down to times, addresses, websites, etc. She even had the times of the sunset on there for us to be able to catch it on the beach.! The topper was her planning a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner by tiki torch/candlelight on the beach at one of the best restaurants on the island. Her connections and knowledge lift all of the weight off of your shoulders for the trip. We will definitely be using her to help us plan many future trips!

Jennifer McDonald - June 2021 - Jackson Hole/Yellowstone. My oldest son wanted a trip to the national parks for his graduation present and I immediately reached out to Danielle. She planned the best vacation for my family (boys 18 and 15) and her attention to detail is unmatched. We talked through the interests of each family member and it could not have been more perfect. Fly fishing (her oldest son and his friend are guides!) in Wyoming, biking and hiking in Grand Teton National Park, 2 full days in Yellowstone (stuck in a bison traffic jam, the coolest!) and “glamping” at Under Canvas. Best family week ever! Can’t wait for her to plan our trip to Europe next summer! Highly recommend!!

Lauren Black - December 2020 - Vail, CO. Danielle has planned several trips for my family, the most recent one being a ski trip for Vail right after Christmas. We have 3 teenage boys and a 5 year old which can make trip planning tricky with different likes and dislikes due to the age gap. She has continually amazed us with how she makes it fun for everyone. She always listens to exactly what we want out of the trip and hits the ground running. The accommodations she has put us in have always been in a perfect location with exactly the amenities we are looking for. Her organizational skills are impeccable. All we have to do is look on her app every day to see what our plans are. She was even able to plan around the pandemic for us with all the restrictions for skiing. We already had all of our tickets for the ski lift, lessons booked, and restaurant reservations. We now use Danielle for all of our trips. My favorite trip she planned was a trip for my husband and I for our 20 year anniversary to Italy. We went to four different cities and each place she had great recommendations of tours, restaurants, and things to see. The tours were set up ahead of time then she would tell us where to meet the tour guide, their name, cell phone number, length of the tour and what we would see. Not to mention our hotels were all top notch. It was so easy to get around and take the trains and flights because of all her planning ahead of time and the ease of using her app. I highly recommend Danielle and I cannot say enough good things about her travel planning. The best part is she has really gotten to know our family and the things that we enjoy doing so we always look forward to the trips that she is planned!

Tammy Harbin - December 2020 - Costa Rica. Danielle recently planned an amazing trip for our family to Costa Rica. We were so glad we went with her resort suggestion! Everyone was so friendly and the property and all of the many hot springs were gorgeous. When we arrived, we were upgraded to an incredible villa that overlooked the Arenal volcano. (thanks Danielle!) Every activity planned was so much fun including ATV's, ziplining, rafting, wildlife tour, and so much more! The pre-planning during Covid for our extended family of 10 was no easy feat, but Danielle helped with everything from paperwork and insurance to reservations and excursions. I would highly recommend Danielle for ANY and ALL of your travel needs, and can't wait for her to plan our next getaway!

Nozi Hamidi - December 2020 - Vail, CO. I hired Danielle from Planit Itineraries to plan two different trips for my family - one to Europe (few yrs before COVID) and one ski trip out West (during COVID). I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to ensure they have an enjoyable trip, one that the family will look back on for years with great memories. She works with you to ensure you have a great experience traveling, works within whatever budget you set, and does all of the hard behind-the-scenes work for you. To me, it is worth it to pay someone who is knowledgeable about where I’m traveling, has stayed in many of the locations I’m traveling to, has taken her own family on similar trips, etc. I feel like what I’m paying for is an insurance policy — one that guarantees the travel experience works for my family and budget, and does not require me to put in months and months of research and planning before the trip. She even negotiated some upgrades for us when some crazy things happened with our flights during COVID. I totally trust her and feel like I got good value from her service. Can’t say enough good things about Planit Itineraries! If you are thinking about that trip you’ve always wanted to take but just don’t know where to start and don’t want to waste one moment of your trip time figuring out what activities to do or even where to go eat, you need to hire Planit Itineraries!

Kirstin Boyd - 2020. Danielle had planned a thoughtful travel structure and beautiful lodging framework for our “once-in-a-lifetime,” two week trip to Italy—and then COVID-19 struck and our trip was scrapped. After hearing horror stories of refund refusals from friends and family, we couldn’t believe how seamlessly Danielle’s cancellations and refunds were—almost immediately we were refunded 100% of our pre-paid trip expenses. With Danielle’s expertise in Italian travel and culture, and the basis of our dream Italian getaway already planned, we look forward to picking back up with PlanIt Itineraries as soon as we can safely travel. 

Allyson Wagner - 2020. This is a much over due shout out to Danielle at Planit Itineraries for the support, guidance and work she has done on not one but TWO vacations for our family. She not only planned our intended trip to Italy for this past May, but also ensured we received full refunds for cancelled accommodations due to Covid. She was also a huge help with Delta in navigating their policies and systems to get our complicated airline reservations cancelled and refunded. All this so that HOPEFULLY we can take this trip in 2021!
In 2017 Danielle planned a trip for us to Costa Rica and without her connections we would have never had the exclusive experiences we did! Danielle is a consummate professional in the travel industry and KNOWS her stuff.
When you're ready to start planning, please contact Danielle!

Claire Barnett - July 2020 - Whitefish, MT. Danielle has always been wonderful to work with! She recently planned a trip for our extended family to Montana, with various ages, interests, and ability levels. She tailored the trip to have activities for the whole family and other activities for subsets of the group. Everyone had a great time, and I always appreciate the thought and practicality with which Danielle plans trips. Danielle thinks through every detail! She was also such a help to us when we had to cancel a trip 48 hours before departing because of COVID in March. She handled cancelling the vendors and flights and made sure we got the best deal possible during a very uncertain time. We highly recommend Danielle!

Darlene Landwehr - February 2020 - Spain/Paris/London. Danielle was recommended to us by a friend when my husband and I told them we were planning our first trip overseas. Our trip was mid-February 2020 and we were fortunate to get it in right before the COVID pandemic. Danielle was amazing!! We went on a 2 week trip to Spain, Paris and London. Our trip was extremely organized which made traveling to 3 different countries in 2 weeks stress free. Danielle was knowledgeable and had some excellent recommendations as to what to do in each city and how to make the most of our time. Her strategic planning made it possible for us to see and do so much during our time there!! We will not take another trip without using her to help us with our planning! I highly recommend Danielle!!

Kathy Penn - UK. Danielle planned a 3 week UK vacation for us that was everything I could have hoped for. We visited London, Dartmouth, and the Cotswolds. Don't want to drive? Count on Danielle to arrange every bit of trains, planes, and automobiles for you. We had drivers everywhere we went. We had a cycling excursion, a trip to Tintagel, you name it. This was my bucket list trip and Danielle ensured it was a dream! I will never take a Europe vacation without her.AND, she planned a Christmas trip to Whitefish, Montana too. When I said I wanted snow for Christmas, this was her recommendation. Again, everything I could have hoped for.

Janna Benston - July 2019 - Italy. ​Danielle planned a wonderful family vacation to Italy for us this summer during one of the busiest tourist weeks of the year! She arranged tours and transportation that allowed us to avoid long lines and crowds. Our accommodations were perfectly located to best use our limited time and were so comfortable that we could easily relax after a busy day. Her restaurant recommendations led us to many lovely dining experiences that we never would have had without her help. My husband and I, along with our three young adult children, quickly found out that the only question to ask was, "What did Danielle recommend for today?" Having her itinerary available via the app was a huge help and gave everyone a chance to be involved in planning our days. We highly recommend Danielle and look forward to using her again!

Jennifer Raj - June 2019 - Greece. Planit Travel Designs is a top notch trip planning service. Our trips to Italy and Greece have been excellent. Highly recommend!

Terry White - May 2019 - Italy. ​Best decision ever to use Danielle to plan a 12-day trip to Italy! First time we'd ever used a travel planner and we were elated with the job Danielle did! Having no idea of what to do or see in each city, we relied on Danielle's suggestions for tours and timing. She made herself available and truly listened to our needs, patiently helping us determine what we wanted to see and do. Every one of her recommendations was outstanding! She did an impeccable job of laying out all the details and always allowed sufficient time to grab lunch, or relax if we wanted to. Danielle had everything that could be scheduled in advance already scheduled and tickets (for tours, trains, cabs, etc.) included in the send-off package she put together. It truly was as easy as just showing up at the airport and following her instructions for the duration of the time away. Nearly all the providers in Italy had worked with her before and all spoke very highly of her. We were hesitant to commit to a travel planner, but after doing so, we realized Danielle added excellent value in that we didn't waste any time (as we typically do) trying to think of something to do, or where to go. I can't recommend Danielle highly enough!!

Stephanie Sharp - March 2019 - Spain. We had a wonderful time in Spain. Danielle took the time to help us decide where to go and what to do. She took care of every detail, offering great suggestions to us. The detailed itinerary and the app she provided us gave us the opportunity to just enjoy our time together! Having a trip planned down to taxi rides and train tickets along with built in options and flexibility is the way to go. We will definitely use Danielle again.

Jeanne Cook - October 2018 - Italy. My husband and I just returned from a 2 week trip to Italy. Danielle took care of every last detail from accommodations, transfers, car rentals, train tickets, tours, restaurant reservations and then some. She really took the time to listen to our wants and expectations and made it all happen. Every aspect of our vacation was planned down to the last detail. She was great to work with and we will definitely be calling her for all our future adventures.

Ashley Parriott - September 2018 - California. We had the most amazing trip to LA and San Diego thanks to Danielle's expert planning. Danielle took care of everything, from the flights to the activities to the meals. We had the best tours, our twenty-somethings were so entertained. Danielle went above and beyond our expectations. She even took time to work with me when she was on her family vacation. We will definitely use Danielle for our next trips. She is amazing!

Michelle Vail - August 2018 - Italy/Greece. Danielle and Planit Itineraries helped us with our recent trip to Italy and Greece. Danielle took care of and selected our accommodations in Venice, arranged for private tour guide in Santorini and Athens. She made the trip stress free and was always gracious to answer the many questions we had regarding trip details. Danielle is very knowledgeable and we would highly recommend her for your future travels needs. In fact we are going on an Alaskan cruise next August and will definitely seek trip ideas!!

Maureen Kiely - July 2018 - Europe. PlanIt Itineraries made our trip to Amsterdam, Athens, Milos, Santorini, & Paris a huge stress-free success! There are so many moving parts when you’re traveling multiple places - especially when some or all of that travel is international. Danielle eliminated the stress & guesswork by having everything organized ahead of time for us - & I mean everything! Drivers were waiting for us at the appropriate times at all foreign airports and seaports, as well as at our pre-scheduled events throughout our trip. Reservations were made ahead of time at restaurants in every city we visited that she knew my foodie husband would love, and outings were pre-arranged for each stop along the way. We had a private guided bike tour in Amsterdam, private boating tours to snorkel and explore caves only accessible by boat in the islands, an incredible guide-led Segway tour of the beautiful city of Paris, and all our tickets to the museums and sites we planned to visit were pre-printed in our folders to eliminate standing in lines. 
She can organize any size trip so don’t hesitate to at least reach out and investigate having her handle yours, whether you’re looking to travel domestically or internationally. Planit Itineraries delivers a very personal and tailored experience. We highly recommend Danielle!

Shelley Zimmerman - July 2018 - Paris/London. Danielle did an amazing job helping me plan a family vacation to Paris and London this summer. Her knowledge and connections were phenomenal. She did a great job of listening and understanding what our family was looking for on vacation and she did a super job of making it happen. She was a pleasure to work with and we will definitely use her again for future travels.

Norma Gailey - May 2018 - Italy. Our family had the most amazing trip to Italy, thanks to Danielle. She did an excellent job listening to where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see. She took care of selecting our accommodations, booking flights, securing a rental car, purchasing train tickets and even arranged for a personal driver in Amalfi. She made planning the trip stress free. She was a delight to work with. I highly recommend Danielle when you start planning your next trip! We will definitely be using her services again.

Lisa Beiger - April 2018 - Costa Rica. My family is still flying high from our Spring Break in Costa Rica. Special thanks to PlanIt Itineraries for planning a fabulous adventure for us. Highly recommend Danielle when planning your next getaway! Her attention to detail was superb. I truly appreciated her advice in planning our excursions. We already have her lined up to help with planning our next family adventure!

Jennie Robison - March 2018 - Italy. Danielle helped us plan our 2018 Spring Break trip to Italy (including stops in Florence, Pisa, Venice and Rome). Her attention to detail was amazing. She found places for us to stay in perfect locations close to all the sites we were interested in. She took care of all of our train, tour and dinner reservations. She saved us countless hours of researching information and made it a much more enjoyable trip!! I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone traveling to Italy!

Jennifer Davis - March 2018 - Italy. We loved working with Danielle! Just returned from a trip to Italy that had lots of moving parts as our son is living there for 6 months. She planned an incredible trip, balancing touring and time to visit with him. She was very easy to work with, accessible and thorough. The folder and digital copies were outstanding and made our trip easy to execute. The tour guides and the hotels/apartments were all top notch. We loved every minute. Thank you Danielle for a trip of a lifetime!

Gail Medwed - December 2017 - Cruise. We just returned from an amazing trip celebrating our 50th anniversary planned by Danielle. She was delightful to work with, very professional and totally committed to ensuring that everything was perfectly planned. Her challenge was to please 17 of us, ranging in age from 4 to 72 and she did not disappoint. Each of our children and grand children had a wonderful trip and of course, we did too! Thanks so much Danielle. Looking forward to working with you again!

Julia Cullerton - November 2017 - NYC.
I absolutely love working with Danielle! She recently planned our trip to NYC over Thanksgiving. Even though my husband and I have been to NYC many times, I was so glad that she helped us! Our 14 year old son had never been, so he needed to see all the sites. Danielle put together the perfect itinerary for us. We were able to accomplish everything that we wanted to do in a fun and relaxed way. Her expertise helped us avoid wasting time in long lines and also saved us money. She helped us book interesting and charming restaurants and shared some hidden gems for shopping in SOHO. I can’t recommend PlanIt Itineraries enough! Danielle is a pleasure to work with and I’m looking forward to her planning our trip to Greece!

Emily Glahn - November 2017 - NYC. I can't thank Danielle enough for planning such an awesome trip for my daughter's 10th birthday! Based on what my daughter wanted to do while in NYC, Danielle created an itinerary that was incredible. I wanted her to tell me where to go and what time to be there, and she did it. She was also very helpful in suggesting sites and restaurants that she knew would appeal to my daughter. We really couldn't have seen the city in such a short amount of time without her help. This truly was a trip that my daughter and I will never forget. Thank you!!

Carla White - October 2017 - Italy. I am a RAVING fan of Danielle and PlanIt Itineraries!! Danielle planned a 20th anniversary trip for me and my husband to Italy. It was a trip of a lifetime due to the meticulous planning and detailed information Danielle provided. Danielle spent time on the phone with us determining our travel preference and getting to know us in order to make the best recommendations. She researched places and experiences and offered us multiple options for each stay. She stayed within in budget and recommended experiences we would never have known about or chosen without her assistance. We love everything she did, but the most valuable benefit my husband I -- independent of each other -- observed was Danielle's ability to find accommodations within budget in the absolute best locations. She always put us in the part of town that was the most convenient and had the vibe we wanted. I honestly can't say enough about her services. Don't miss out on a trip of a lifetime by using Danielle. You won't regret it. Danielle, thanks so much!!

Bob Cullerton - July/Aug 2017 - England/Scotland. We recently returned from a fabulous trip to England and Scotland to celebrate a major anniversary. It was a trip that we had talked about taking for years but it had never quite happened because the planning process seemed absolutely overwhelming! And then we were introduced to PlanIt Itineraries, and our problems were solved!! We contacted Danielle last January and began setting up the framework for our trip scheduled for August, 2017. After our first conversation, during which we answered many pertinent questions about what we wanted to see and do, we KNEW we were in good hands. Danielle is so easy to talk to, and extremely knowledgeable about all things pertaining to travel. She LOVES it!We fine-tuned the trip over several months, and when our departure date arrived we had an extremely detailed itinerary in hand---and best of all, we were feeling NO STRESS! Danielle had walked us through every detail of every day and included every ticket or voucher we would need. Nothing was left to chance---and that meant nothing was left to worry about! She read us perfectly---all of her selections for accommodations, restaurants, and activities were right on target! We definitely know who to call the next time we travel!
Bob and Mary Cullerton

Beth Summers - July 2017 - Greece. Thank you PlanIt Itineraries for an amazing and fabulous trip to Greece! So much hard work and attention to detail went into this trip and we will never forget it!

Fred Chiverton - April 2017 - Calfornia. I can't thank Danielle enough for the AMAZING trip she planned for our families spring break trip this year.. Danielle was able to let us know where to go and what to do at each one of our destinations driving from San Fran to LA. We made multiple stops over a 9 day period (San Fran, Carmel, Santa Barbara and Santa Monica) At each one of the stops our accommodations were amazing and the tours we did were amazing. I would have never been able to do the research to pull off this vacation. Hiring Danielle was the best decision we could have made. It was like pressing the easy button. Thank you Danielle for helping me create some very special memories for our family!

Camilyn Germann - March 2017 - Copper Mtn, CO. Thanks to Danielle of PlanIt Itineraries for an amazing ski trip to Copper Mountain in March of 2017. Working with Danielle was really easy and she's a great listener. Helped guide all of our decisions regarding flights, accommodations, meals, and activities. She's really familiar with the ski resorts so she provided great practical day to day advice for a family ski trip. We had a wonderful time and would recommend Danielle to anyone looking for help planning a great vacation.

Lisa Dickson - December 2016 - Colorado. Had a fabulous family ski vacation over Christmas planned by Planit Itineraries .. will definitely be back again for future trips

Beth Boatwright - October 2016 - NYC. A big shout out to PlanIt Itineraries for planning a wonderful trip to New York over the fall break! We had not been before and didn't really know how to tackle the planning for this trip! We had an amazing time and that was completely due to her thoughtful and detailed planning skills. If you are planning a trip don't hesitate to reach out to her! I was able to tell her the key things on our list of must do's and she took that and added so much more! She also saved us money in the process! It all started with the tip on her page about Delta promotions to New York for 20,000 sky miles! We booked three tickets to New York for $150! Then I turned all the planning over to her and she made our trip so memorable! We spent four days there and were able to see a lot of New York! Her experience and guidance really allowed us to have an amazing trip! It really allowed me to remain stress free during the time leading up to the trip because she organized my options, presented them to me and I just had to pick what I wanted! That led to a fun and stress free trip because everything was done ahead of time and we had an itinerary that worked well for our family!

Martha Keim - August 2016 - Italy. We loved working with Danielle for our summer trip to Italy. What a lifesaver having all of the tickets purchased for travel, guides, hotels, apartments. It just made the whole thing stress-free! But the best part was planning with her ~ she learned about our family and what we were hoping to accomplish. Her gift is in the big picture and the details! One of the details she really wanted for us was an apartment along the canal in Venice ~ one of my favorite memories was looking out our window and hearing the accordion and the gondolier singing! We have to go back!!! Thanks, Danielle, for the trip of a lifetime.

Karen Cannon - Summer 2016 - NYC. Have Danielle plan your New York City trip! She has planned two of ours and they have been spectacular! She is so organized and detailed and knows of so many great deals and hidden gems!

Elizabeth Wathen - July 2016 - England/Ireland. Danielle planned an awesome trip to England and Ireland for our family this summer. Her hard work made us have the best trip! The hotels, apartments, restaurants and daily itinerary made it so easy to sit back and enjoy the trip. I won't travel again without her help!! I highly recommend her!!! 

Lauren Patton - July 2016 - California. Danielle planned an amazing California coast road trip for our family. She spent so much time finding out what we enjoy doing. Danielle offered great suggestions for activities that we never imagined. She is super organized and got us wonderful deals. Danielle took care of every detail. She is a pleasure to work with. We look forward to the next trip Danielle will plan for us.

Karen Herzog - April 2016 - Seattle/Vancouver. From now on, Danielle will plan all of my trips! She helped me come up with a Seattle/Vancouver family trip that was fantastic. She did the homework and leg work to find us ridiculously low air-fare, perfect hotel accommodations for our needs and wants, and an itinerary full of fabulous activities, restaurants and attractions that I never would have known about in a million years! She is so detail-oriented. I had walking, train and driving directions, along with prepaid attraction vouchers and tickets at my fingertips. Her itinerary guided us through each day with plenty of alternative choices! (I have saved it because it is full of such good information.) She became a friend through it all with her genuine excitement for us to have a memorable trip.

Shari Clark - Spring 2016 - Italy. A trip to Italy has been on my bucket list for most of my life! Although I have been a flight attendant for 28 years, I had never had the opportunity to explore this area. I found on The AHA! Connection and knew I was on to something special. I shared the information with my sister and the rest was bliss. Planning a two week vacation to Italy on my own was over my head, not to mention stressful to carve out the hours to do the due diligence for an amazing vacation. Danielle Garrett came to the rescue! She carefully listened to our needs, goals and dreams and carefully crafted exhilarating days and memorable nights that literally melted like sweet chocolate in an Italian backdrop. It was comforting to find out that Danielle was behind the scenes as we moved from Rome to Naples …Pompeii to Sorrento …Naples to Florence… as she was monitoring our connections and reminding drivers to be timely for our arrivals and departures! Wow! She carefully helped us the pace our travels allowing time soak up the Italian ambiance, savor meals…wine without sulfites…and off the beaten path experiences. She connected us with the most passionate tour guides, lovely accommodations and punctual, friendly drivers…all executed flawlessly.

Debbie Prachar - Spring 2016 - Italy. Danielle planed an Amazing trip to Italy for my family! Everything flowed from one event to the next with no stress. Every accommodation,tour and restaurant far exceeded our expectations. Some of the spots were off the beaten path of tourists and felt like little private gems. This was absolutely a trip of a lifetime and all because of her knowledge and planning. We are already trying to figure out where we want Danielle to send us next.

Scott Rogers - Jan 2016 - Ireland/Scotland. This was our first trip overseas and it represented a pilgrimage of sorts for me and my wife and our closest friends. The four of us had made the decision that 2015 was going to be the year, but how were we going to plan this epic vacation to Ireland and Scotland? As business owners we needed someone who could not just plan our vacation travel and accommodations, but also rental cars, restaurants, sites, etc. We were looking for Danielle and Planit Itineraries and luckily we found her and thank goodness we did. The vacation was unbelievable and every single detail was planned for us so that all we needed to do was follow Danielle's suggestions and we were assured success! If you are reading this and you are considering a vacation or any type of travel and you have a busy, hectic lifestyle and don't have the time or desire to try to plan a trip for yourself, Planit Itineraries is the ultimate choice. I give Danielle and Planit Itineraries my highest recommendation!

Kelly Spratling - Dec 2015 - The Keys, FL. Danielle did an amazing job planning our family trip to the Florida Keys over Christmas break. The hotel was amazing and Danielle took care of everything. The discounts that she was able to find easily covered the cost of her services. It was so nice to not have to worry about the details and let someone else take care of the planning.

Audra Anders - Feb 2016 - California. Having Danielle’s help with a recent trip to California was AMAZING! I’m usually the one figuring out the best car rental rates, scouring the internet for hotel deals, researching restaurants and things to do and then trying to map out decisions and plans in an itinerary that we can follow once we get to our destination. I’ve always envisioned how wonderful it could be if someone else just planned my vacation and all I had to do was “show up”! Danielle made that dream come true!I’m so thankful for the time and energy she put in to getting us a deal at a fabulous ocean front boutique hotel in Laguna Beach. I sent her a quick sunset photo from our balcony and even though I hadn’t realized it, she noticed right away that we had received the wrong view and called and got a room credit! The ocean was so close and we slept with the balcony door open. It was like being on the beach all night long. HEAVENLY!
Danielle’s restaurant, excursion, entertainment and hotel recommendations were all spot on! We ended up saving quite a bit of money thanks to her insight and knowledge. She’s lovely to work with, very professional and attentive. I don’t think I’ll ever take another trip without consulting Danielle!

Patrick Bloodworth - Oct 2015 - NYC/Italy. Danielle's focus on our international travel preferences, comfort, logistics, historical tours, great restaurants, and cost savings was outstanding. Thanks to her attention to every detail, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing New York City, and exploring beautiful Italy from the Ligurian Sea, to the Adriatic Sea, with seemingly endless fascinating points in between. Well done!

June Mitchell ​- April 2015 - Italy. Danielle planned our family vacation to Italy in a short period of time. The planning details made the trip an enjoyable family experience. The mornings and evenings for the Mitchell family started with the purple folder. The folder contained details such as: train reservations, local maps, restaurant recommendations, and historic sites to make the most of each day. I was thrilled that Naomi was using the folder as well. In a short period of time, we were set for a trip that would take months to plan. The pre-planning tips on technology, tipping in another country, the right credit card, pay pal set-up, and the mobile data plan, were useful as soon as we arrived in Italy. I appreciate that you took time to listen to what we were looking for in a custom family vacation. Each one of us, wanted exposure to a different region in Italy. I loved staying in Lucca, the Bed & Breakfast was a convent before it was a B&B. Phil and Naomi truly enjoyed the adventure of the private water taxi in Venice. It was nice that we were able to start our vacation in Venice and end in Rome. Naomi and Phil enjoyed gelato every day(sometimes 3x a day), and I experienced the wine in each region. I like to meet in person and you met me at Starbucks. J We look forward to having you “plan it for us” on our next summer vacation.

Kathy Pilkey - Summer 2015 - Banff, Canada. Danielle, you've been incredible to work with from our initial planning to the final walk through of our itinerary. Your careful planning and thoughtful insight combined with a genuine desire to know what we wanted most out of this vacation all came together into one perfect trip.
I was so impressed with your thorough research and the level of detail you put into each suggestion. In the 7 days we traveled we had the perfect amount of down time and activity. Each day offered something new, but we never felt over booked or stressed by the schedule.
We loved the little hotel on the Bow River in Banff and the condominium in downtown Calgary. Both suited our needs perfectly. The seats for our events were great, both times we had front row in our section! Thanks for your patience with us and your steady cadence of follow up calls encouraging us to make decisions that needed to be made for the optimum result. We're already thinking of our next "bucket list" trip and how you'll make it into the perfect summer adventure. Look out Danielle, we'll recommend you with abandon!!

Julie Ackemann - April 2015 - Europe. I cannot say enough positive things about the customized work Danielle did for my family's trip to Europe, over Spring Break!! She booked our multiple transportation needs (planes, trains, taxis and water taxis), along with our accommodations in three countries. We stayed in charming and ideal locations. Danielle listens to your needs and interests concerning your travel adventure. She does her research and gives you options. Even though our trip had many parts, Danielle put all the pieces together where everything ran smoothly. Danielle is awesome!!

Cheri Coyle - April 2015 - California. Details, Details,Details...Should be "her" middle name! Danielle did an amazing job planning our family of 5 (3 teenagers) trip to the coast of California. We traveled from San Fran to LA which consisted of touring landmarks in San Fran, hiking Big Sur, whale watching in Monterrey, biking in Santa Cruz, private Hollywood tour, shopping in LA and lying on the white sand in Carmel...she had us completely covered! With 3 kids and 2 companies I would never have the time to attend to these details. She found the best places for our needs with lodging, interests and food. She even found discounts that I did not even think about. I would HIGHLY recommend her for any job, weekend retreat or family vacations!!

Karen Cannon - Jan 2015 - NYC. Danielle was amazing to work with - she is very thorough, knowledgeable & organized! As a business owner and mother, I don't have the time to plan many of the details needed when planning a trip. We went to NYC for business and pleasure. Danielle planned everything from airline and hotel reservations to finding great restaurants and Broadway tickets..always trying to help us find the best deals and times. We received great tips on tourist attractions, but also hidden gems we wouldn't have found on our own. We were so happy with Danielle's services that we have her planning our spring break trip to Park City!

Nicole McAluney - March 2015 - Beavercreek, CO. Danielle is diligent and knowledgeable and did a phenomenal job planning our spring break! I gave her our goals and budget and she got to work, developing a great week at Beavercreek. I have the folder with all the details to prove it- can't wait for March! I have limited time outside of work and kids so Danielle saved me time and $$$. She is the best.

Elizabeth Krut - Sept 2015 - Italy. We had never been to Italy and had a two week trip to plan. Enter PlanIt Itineraries! Thank goodness for Danielle. She took our travel dates and planned an unbelievable trip for us from Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence, Tuscany, Umbria and finally Rome. She coordinated tours, train tickets, hotel transfers to/from airport, restaurant recommendations and fantastic accommodations. She even helped us pick the best flights. I didn't have to do a thing, except give final approval. We could have never planned this trip on our own. I highly recommend PlanIt Itineraries!